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Crushed concrete Hull

We can deliver our crushed brick / concrete and sand loose or in bags.
we have a smaller lorry to deliver in to awkward places to make your job a lot easier  we grantee to beat any price.

Our crushed brick contains very little foreign objects and in the trade is known as clean due to the high quality and small size.

The types of crushed concrete that we can supply are as follows:

  • Recycled Type 1 Crushed Concrete: Produced by us at our recycling facility, recycled concrete is an excellent choice for the budget conscious
  • Primary Type 1 Crushed Concrete: A high quality, primary aggregate that is ideal for projects requiring a more uniform and consistent product
  • Type 2 Crushed Concrete: Type 2 crushed concrete contains a higher proportion of fines than MOT type 1. This means that it does not have the same level of rigidity. It is therefore better suited to lighter duties, but it is still a certified material and is produced by 2020 Recycling to nationally recognised standards
  • Reject Sand: Our reject sand is reclaimed from a variety of building projects and screened to a 5mm grit size. It makes a good, cheap fill material for covering pipes, cables, etc

Collected from our site £5 inc vat per ton or delivery avalible

Bricks and concrete are crushed down to 40mm to dust ideal for block paving and foundations.

Crusher in operation

Finished product type 1 crushed concrete.